Data-Driven 3d Interactive objects for the web

why did we explore this?

getting started

  1. adding objects: generate or import objects into the scene
  2. pan & zoom:
  3. material: Mesh Basic, Mesh Phong, Mesh Standard, Mesh Normal
  4. lights:

Making things dance (a little)

  1. movement

    1. whole object moves
    2. object parameters change
  2. interactivity


natively creating objects on the web

  1. create *simple* objects
    1. import from outside
    2. build from primitives within threejs
  2. what kinds of objects can we make?
    1. made of simple primitive forms
    2. using the-3d-equivalent-of-polygons
    3. using the-3d-equivalent-of-splines
  3. after this, can we make these objects dance in the same way (or in a better way) as all the steps before?remember, our goal is to turn data into objects, and then control them.

letting data affect the object parametrically

note: the biggest challenge here will be in identifying a dataset, and in exploring the same process with different datasets.

  1. data → 3d: create a body using data, and just present it.
    1. one possible route:

      • to take a dataset and be able to make a 2d graph using js
      • then be able to extrude that into 3d.
    2. another route: some direct method to create 3d forms which we don't know about (making meshes, or defining all points on a mesh, or something else)

  2. how to animate the data as it is being generated.

income disparity